Wrestling World Reacts To The Passing Of Former WWE Official Tim White


The wrestling world is in a collective state of mourning over the passing of long-time WWE referee Tim White.

The news of White’s passing Sunday has elicited reactions from wrestlers across promotions, many of whom worked closely with White during his stint in WWE between 1985 and 2009.

Can’t believe we’ve lost both Dave Hebner and now the equally talented Tim White. Two outstanding humans who were committed to pro wrestling. 🙏🤠

Tim White was an amazing man. He always treated me like we were best friends and riding partner since the 90s, but that’s the man he was. An instant friend and a great great person. Rest easy, Timmy. Condolences to the family. https://t.co/YoC1cEHzUc

I am so saddened by the news of Tim White passing. Tim was a great guy, ref, employee and a man’s man. Tim loved WWE and WWE loved Tim back. Thoughts and prayers to family, friends and fans.

Very saddened to hear of the passing of Tim White. I always looked forward to seeing Tim. Last time was around Christmas. As always, Tim as warm, genuine, and full of life as usual. I’ll miss hearing your stories. See ya down the road.

I’m very sorry to learn of Tim White’s passing. He was the referee for so many of my big matches, and more importantly, was one of the best and most well-liked members of the @WWE family.

When I was 12 I’d yell his name out from the stands in between matches at the Spectrum and he would always react. Years later he always took the time to talk. Every time. Same story as most of my co-workers. Tim White always made the day better. He will be missed very much. https://t.co/RmpXtOHsws

Tim White brightened every room he walked into & the WWE locker room was especially lucky to have him. Being around Timmy on several PR tours was a joy! We would get our work done & meet after and he would tell old road stories & we’d laugh til the sun came up. Cheers, sir 🍻

I was so fortunate to have been able to learn from Tim White. A truly genuine soul that loved what he did. It was always a pleasure seeing him wherever he popped up. Rest well, Tim. #RIPTimWhite https://t.co/deU12IwUKe

#RIP Tim White – Timmy was always so great to me & was a huge supporter of The Hardys. He was the kindest, most fair man you could ever meet. My thoughts go out to his family & loved ones – Rest in power, my friend. https://t.co/5Brwqyv2wr

I’m deeply saddened to hear of the passing of my dear friend Tim White. My deepest condolences to his family. A great man, referee and person. We’ve laughed so hard together we’ve both had tears in our eyes. There’s not a better way to remember you. Rest well.x

So sad to hear of the passing of my friend Tim White. Great guy. We will miss you Tim.

I’m heartbroken to hear about the passing of Tim White. He was an absolute joy to be around!! Always smiling, cheerful and so kind. He will be greatly missed!! RIP dear friend, Love you💛 -Brie

Every time I saw Tim White, a smile came across my face. Good, genuine human. Im sad to hear the news. I remember the last convo I had with him. I will miss seeing him. He used to put me over as “WWEs best golfer.” Had good laughs. Thank you for being a friend Tim! #TimWhite @WWE

Tim White was the first person to pay us in 2007, when we worked as “extra talent” in Toronto for WWE. He paid us the old school way: in cash & out of his briefcase. Always enjoyed our interactions with Tim White over the years. Background memories. Rest easy, sir. 🙏🏽

What the hell man Tim White was one of the realest. We spent so much time together as Andre and I already Rode together and and he was Andres right hand. Really tough to see this #riptimwhite https://t.co/vJW1TWcliz

RIP Tim White. Thank you for your hospitality at the Friendly Tap. We lost a great brother today. The industry is far better off for Tim having been in it. Godspeed sir.

Tim White was a great guy. An endless supply of amazing stories. He loved the biz and being around it. In ’06 when his shoulder problems kept him from refereeing he was more than happy to do those crazy skits. A real ham! For one out at the Friendly Tap for a true good brother🍻

RIP Tim White, you were always so kind to all the talent in NXT, & everytime you saw us down the road. Legend 🙏🏼 Great run brother. Thank you Tim!

Terrible news. Every testimonial you’re reading about Tim White is true. I don’t know where the company motto “We put smiles on peoples faces” came from but Tim White did it every day, effortlessly. RIP to Tim and Dave Hebner – two of the all time greats. https://t.co/lTRVkWvV1F

Beyond sad to learn of the passing of Dave Hebner and Tim White. 😢 Had the pleasure of working w/ them for many years while a part of the @WWE family. My condolences to their friends and families. God Bless them both. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Another big brother is no longer with us. Rest in Power my dear friend Tim White. 🙏🙏😢

I am on a jet-lagged delay… So sorry to hear the passing of Tim White & Dave Hebner. Two great men who our industry cherish their ring work. May you both rest in paradise. https://t.co/vCsQXbhDjx

@WWE Referee Tim White was very much a part of my time in WWE. The stories, the charm, the wittiness & dry sense of humor were all attributes that made him unique, but it was Tim’s heart for those around him that made him special. To his family & loved ones I send condolences. 🙏🏾

Rest In Peace referee Tim White. So sad. Thanks for what you did for wrestling and for Andre….. https://t.co/c6gyY0Bu2O

RIP Tim White. Thank you for always being kind and beyond professional. You will be missed and nothing but positive energy to all friends and family.

Thankful that I had the chance to have one last conversation and hear one final story from Tim White just a few short weeks ago. A true class act who had seen it all and an infectious level of kindness to match. Rest in Paradise Mr. White. https://t.co/WOJlCjjqSO

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Following his WWE debut in 1985, Tim White worked his way up to becoming a referee for several main event matches including the Hell in a Cell bout between Undertaker and Mankind at King of the Ring 1998. He was often booked as the main event referee until suffering a shoulder injury at Judgment Day 2002 during another HIAC match between Chris Jericho and Triple H. White would eventually return as a referee for a match at WrestleMania XX in 2004, but ended up re-injuring his shoulder during the final three-count. Upon re-aggravating his shoulder injury, White moved to the role of a backstage official and talent agent. In later years, White would turn into an on-screen character, performing in comedy vignettes with former WWE announcer Josh Mathews. ‘

As noted earlier, the wrestling world mourned the loss of another legendary referee – Dave Hebner – over the weekend. Hebner was 73.

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