The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Monday, June 20, 2022


Today brings a potent Last Quarter Moon in Pisces, which carries a reminder that in every moment of your life, the universe is always with you.

Last Quarter Moons are a time for letting go and releasing.

Often it is these parts or pieces of yourself and life that are not necessary to where it is you are growing up to

This can mean that it is fizzled out or toxic relationships, dead-end careers, or even those personas you had clung to thinking they identified who you really are.

But these are the easy pieces to let go of; the parts you know are not good for you. It is the gray areas, though, that make things more complicated.

Mercury in Gemini gives more of that gray zone, where there is some good, but a lot also feels off.

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These are the parts of life that this Last Quarter Moon wants to release most.

With this energy, it is important to recognize that something will seldom be all bad, yet that does not mean it is truly aligned with you.

Pisces is an intuitive zodiac sign, one that is known to be the most connected to the divine and encompasses bits of the entire zodiac.



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