The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On Wednesday, June 15, 2022


Between Moon trine Uranus and Moon square Mars, our days should be filled with a lot of stop and go. Our desire to get things done today will be backed up by passion and drive; we are not kidding around on this day.

We might have set this day aside to accomplish something magnificent. That is how we react to Moon square Mars; we want to git ‘er done, as they say.

And nothing stands in our way when we want something, right? Wrong.

As it would be nice to think that good old-fashioned effort gets the job done, there’s also good old-fashioned Moon trine Uranus to halt the proceedings right at the very top.

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So, stop and go. Go and stop. Get used to this ride, as this is what these two interplanetary punks have in mind for us today.

This makes this a rough day because we weren’t up for the whole “Gee, look how the universe teaches me a personal lesson” thing. We just wanted to get our thing going and call it a day.

Goal no. Instead, we get to hunger for excitement and action while having to stop 40 times to make sure everyone can deal with it.

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