The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On Sunday, June 19, 2022


Let’s get to the point: this day brings luck in love. That’s not just an opening line. That’s what this day is about: getting to the point. If you approach your love with something on your mind, you clear up space for more love.

This is the day we purge ourselves of negative emotions and let them go forever. If we are serious about the romance we are in right now, we need to throw out the trash.

Nobody wants to lug around someone else’s baggage in a relationship.

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We all know that each person comes with their own ‘story.’ And when we get together with people we believe are right for us in terms of love and romance, we hear that story.

Whether good or bad doesn’t matter; what matters is to acknowledge that our person has a story, and much like us, that story has to be told. Once told, it no longer has to take up much room in the relationship.

Say, for instance, your partner was abused in childhood. You must hear them out and practice patience and lovingkindness when listening to them. This is a hard journey they’ve been on, and they need compassion.

What leads to their healing is patience, but it’s also dependent on personal growth.



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