T1 Faker: “It’s even possible for Mid Master Yi to make his return.”


The second match on day 3 of the 2022 LCK Summer split saw the Spring split champions T1 face off against Nongshim RedForce. With a set score of 2-0, T1 also marked their first victory of the split. Although the series looked like it would go to game 3, T1 managed to outscale NS and take the win in the end in game 2.

The mid laner for T1, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, joined the press room for a post-match interview.

Thoughts on your first victory of the Summer?

The fact that it was 2-0 tonight was really good. I want to keep the win streak going.

It feels like you didn’t have that much time preparing for the Summer split after MSI. How’ve you been preparing for the Summer split meta?

We had about two weeks, so I don’t think it was that short of a break. I played a lot of solo queue, looked at how other teams have been analyzing the meta, and also have been ourselves, so I think we’re adjusting well.

Do you believe the current meta suits you?

It’s definitely different from the metas in recent years. However, this current meta is similar to how it’s skirmish/teamfight heavy, so I don’t think it’s a difficult one to figure out.

You said it’s a skirmish heavy meta. Which meta of the past is it most similar to?

From 2019 to this past Spring, teamfighting was important, but there were a lot of games where you had a lead in the game through rotations and macro. I think the current meta is similar to how it was in 2015-16. It’s even possible for Mid Master Yi to make his return.

Game 2 was a long one that seemed very grim for T1 at times. Where did things go wrong for the game to go on for so late?

After we got the first drake stolen, I knew that game was going to be ultra late-game. Our team composition hit our power spike super late, so we played the waiting game.

It looked like T1 was going to lose due to a lack of front line in the comp, but in the end, you guys did it.

Corki’s a champion that doesn’t always hit his power spike in the late game. He has his weaknesses. It felt like Ezreal and Azir would be more useful in the late game. We had a lot of champions with mobility, so we felt that we could get a lead in the macro game.

You’re working towards your 11th LCK championship title. Alongside T1, another team that many consider to be a top championship contender. Which team do you think will be the contenders for the championship?

Just like before, I believe that DWG KIA and Gen.G will be the top contenders. I think that one new member won’t change the team’s color for DK. For us, there are things we learned from MSI, and our teamwork’s at a very high level. I believe we’ll be able to produce great results this Summer.

What are those things you learned from MSI?

Personally, I lost my focus in game 5 of the finals. I learned how to control the things I need to in that regard. As a team, we learned how we can gain advantages in terms of the meta analysis and team compositions.

The games were long against NS, even back in the Spring split. Is such a pattern purely a coincidence? Or does it have something to do with NS in particular?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence, because in the end, the team that keeps their calm and properly executes their plays in the mid-late game tends to get more wins.

How do you keep your calm in those high-stakes situations in the mid-late game? Do you tell your teammates anything to help them as well?

I think we only talk about the game itself during the matches. In the end, just talking with them on how we’ll play out the game is what’s helpful to everyone.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?

I now have more opportunities to interact with my fans this split. I hope to interact with all the fans, and play my part in the team that always improves.



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