Mosquitoes: This is what they are most attracted to your home!


Mosquitoes give us no respite. They are actually present in all regions of France. In the south of the country, they arrive in the spring and accompany us until autumn in the south of France. This is why we must prevent them from proliferating. But how to proceed?

Mosquito season!

Mosquito season!

As temperatures rise, conditions become ideal for mosquito breeding. Indeed, this second mosquito from Asia continues to expand its territory and buzzes in our ears for many months. In addition, it is a vector of diseases including dengue fever, zika and chikungunya.

Are you tired of not being able to enjoy a coffee break on the terrace? Now is the time to react! First, to hope to obtain real results, the problem must be dealt with upstream. In other words, you have to prevent, at least try to prevent, mosquitoes from breeding around your house. Don’t worry, the Leenkus editorial staff explains how to do it.

How to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes?

Are you actually one of the people who attract mosquitoes? You don’t understand why some of your loved ones never get bitten? Indeed, there are skins more prone to bites than others. Thus, among the influential factors, we list the blood type, sweat, the carbon dioxide that we reject and the color of the clothes.

It is therefore impossible to change blood group, it is elsewhere that we will have to look for an effective way to fight mosquitoes. If you want to limit their proliferation, all you have to do is hunt for stagnant water. Take a walk in your garden and locate all the small containers containing a few drops of humidity. Flower pots, cups, watering cans, burst balloons, the dinette, the possibilities are numerous. Also, think about the gutters in the house. When leaves and pine needles pile up there… The water cannot flow normally after the rain. Results ? It ends up stagnating and mosquitoes can quietly proliferate.

Some tips for fighting mosquitoes

Some tips for fighting mosquitoes

When you have emptied all the containers and cleaned all your gutters… You should normally see fewer mosquitoes in your home. However, you must make these checks regularly and imperatively after each rain. Also, you can’t flush standing water at your neighbor’s house. You will then not be entirely rid of these companions of misfortune.

Similarly, if you have a large water collector, do not empty it! But put fish there instead. They will eat mosquitoes and eggs! In addition, in the large water reserves.. You can also place a solar fountain. This object, available in different formats, will transform your stagnant water into choppy water, preventing mosquitoes from laying eggs.

Other little tips..

Other little tips..

Dear reader, during the summer, do not drive all the spiders out of your house. They are your friends since they eat mosquitoes. From now on, do not hesitate to plant aromatic herbs and lavender near your terrace. These therefore make good repellents. So even if they are not enough to drive away all the mosquitoes from the house… these plants will beautify your garden and enrich your dishes!

Dear reader, you just have to apply all these tips to hope to spend a pleasant summer at home.


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