You are currently viewing Mercato: SM Caen “tried to overtake” its opponents to recruit

Mercato: SM Caen “tried to overtake” its opponents to recruit

Stéphane Moulin spoke about the transfer window that awaits SM Caen before the last match of the season in Rodez. ©Aline Chatel

Deprived of a rookie for a long part of the last summer preparation, Stéphane Moulin hopes to be able to save precious time this year during the summer transfer window. The SM Caen coach believes in his club’s recruitment capacity and hopes to have a more homogeneous workforce next season.

One step ahead?

“The transfer window, we have been working on it for a while. When we saw the turn the second half of the season was taking, we were still very confident in our ability to get out of our bad patch. I said we were ahead, now we have to make it happen. We tried to overtake other clubs. For the moment, nothing has been confirmed, but our ability to bring in players to strengthen the team is real. The difficulty is always the timing. When you have your group on the cover, you save time. »

Grow the group

“Where we need to recruit is very clear to me. But what is above all very clear is that we need to expand our group. We saw that we had the ability to have a team that holds up when everyone was there, but we also saw that when we lacked players, we were in great difficulty. The next step is not to make a team that holds up, but a workforce that holds up. When you are missing players, and this is the lot of all teams, you must not lose your footing. Otherwise, it is impossible to have a goal. It will be difficult again next season if we do not manage to expand this group in quality. »

18 interchangeable players

“There is a way of working, it’s always 18 players who we can imagine are of the same level (plus three goalkeepers, editor’s note). This is what I would like us to achieve. We add four, five young people who complete the group and who we will call on in a partial way. The good example this year is Lamine Sy. He started in N2, he came to work with us during the break, he seized the opportunities that presented themselves to him. He is not parachuted. In any case, we are not going to leave at 30, we are not going to leave at 15.

Departures to frame

“We have five, six players who will definitely be called upon. Even if it is not our will [qu’ils partent], we know very well that the player must also feel good where he is. When they have a contract and they are solicited, they forget the contract. When it goes less well, they remind us that they have a contract, which is logical. The contract protects, but it is not an armored door. We know what we want but there is still this glorious uncertainty of the players who are contacted. In the end, it is better to be envied than pitied.

The Kyeremeh case

“Godson has all the qualities and characteristics to bring us something. For me, who does not know him, this is good news. If he was in another club, I think we could have been interested in him. (About his position as a winger, which Caen does not have in its current system 🙂 We must be able to integrate it into the Stade Malherbe project. Good football players are able to adapt. »

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