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To obtain the Hackett’s Quarry Massacre achievement in The Quarry, you will need to kill all nine playable characters in the game. However, replaying the game can be quite taxing, especially when hunting for the platinum trophy. In this guide, you will find all the key choices and decisions needed to ensure that each camp counselor in The Quarry is killed as quickly as possible.


This page details story-related spoilers for The Quarry. To remain unspoiled, be sure to turn back now.


Quickest Way to Kill All Characters in The Quarry

Looking for details on how to kill a particular summer camp counselor? Click the links below to jump to the sequence of events that need to occur for each protagonist to die.

How to Kill Jacob – Chapter 3

In Chapter 3, Jacob and Emma will end up swimming in a lake, separated from the rest of the group. During this section, you’ll be playing as Jacob and you’ll have the first chance to kill him in the whole game.

After some dialogue choices with Emma (it doesn’t matter what you choose), Jacob will realize that he lost the rotor arms (if you stole it earlier in the game). However, he’ll also hear Abigail’s screaming. Here, you will have two choices: to dive inlooking for the piece, or run to Abi’s aid.

To pop up the diving decision, you need to steal the van’s rotor arm in Chapter 1.


You need to select the first one and then the option “grab” when you have the chance. Jacob will find the rotor arm, but he’ll also find a bloated corpse, which is a piece of evidence. After being scared by this, he’ll have his hand tangled with a chain. You can select to pull the hand gold detangle from the chain. What you need to do is nothing. The time will run out and Jacob will down.

How to Kill Emma – Chapter 4

In Chapter 4, you’ll control Emma for a good amount of time while she’s exploring a section of the island alone. When getting near a cabin, you’ll start hearing some noises that clearly come from a beast on the roof.

There will be a choice to open the trapdoor above you or search for some bags on your right. If you select the former, that will be the last time you control Emma: a werewolf will jump to her and start eating her right away.

How to Kill Abigail – Chapter 6

After the group meets Laura for the first time in Chapter 6, they will stay in a building talking to each other, thinking if the new character can be trusted. While all of this is happening, Abi will be near Nick, who is in pain and acting more rudely than normal.


You can select between some dialogue choices, but whether you are angry or kind to Nick, it doesn’t matter. He’ll throw you to the other wall and begin his transformation into a werewolf. Here you’ll have the chance to shoot him while he’s still human. If you don’t do it or miss the shot, Nick will turn into a beast, jump into Abi, and cut her head.

How to Kill Nick – Chapter 8

By the end of Chapter 8, Ryan and Laura will find some electrified cages. A werewolf will be inside one of them.

The scene will be briefly interrupted by another dialogue taking place above them: Constance and Travis are talking about Kaylee’s death. But don’t get too distracted, because you’ll get back to the counselors and Laura will try to shoot the beast. If you don’t interrupt hershe will shoot and kill the werewolf, who is actually Nick.

How to Kill Dylan – Chapter 9


In Chapter 9, Dylan and Kaitlyn will be exploring a scrapyard in search of some parts that can repair their minivan. They will find a car that could be useful, but it will be attached to a magnetic crane.

Dylan will get into the crane and start moving the car. However, when the car reaches the ground, Dylan will realize that there’s a werewolf nearby. Whether you warn her or not, Kaitlyn will get into the car, protecting herself, and Dylan will then move the crane upwards. The beast will jump to the car and be ready to attack Kaitlyn.

Here you can choose between slamming the car or pressing the crane’s horn. To kill Dylan, you have to select the second option. The werewolf will be hurt by this action, and it will jump to Dylan’s crane. Our protagonist will pick up a lighter, but you need to fail the QTE and don’t charge it. This way, the best will murder Dylan.

It doesn’t matter if Dylan was infected in Chapter 5 or not. He’ll die either way.

How to Kill Ryan – Chapter 9

Near the end of Chapter 9, Laura and Ryan will face Chris (in beast mode), Bobby, and Travis at the same time. While Laura is turning into a werewolf and threatening Travis, Chris will be attacking Bobby. During these few seconds, Ryan will grab a shotgun nearby and aim at Chris.

The choice you make here will alter what happens between Traviswhich we’ll explain below.


If you miss the shot, Chris will jump right into Ryan and murder him in an instant. However, if you have removed Ryan’s knife at the beginning of the chapter, he will also die after killing the beast due to the blood loss.

You can also make Travis shoot Ryan if Travis was angry with Laura during Chapter 7. After killing Chris, Travis will attack Laura and then Ryan.

How to Kill Laura – Chapter 9

Following the previous death, if Ryan misses the shot, Chris will be alive and Laura will attack Travis with a shard of glass. In fact, they will attack each other, concluding in their deaths. However, if you killed Chris but Laura didn’t build a strong bond with Travis, he will stab her multiple times with his shard of glass.

To make Travis hostile against you, you need to shoot him in Chapter 7.

How to Kill Max – Chapter 10


If Chris Hackett was shot in the previous scene, you will have the chance to play as Max for a fairly short scene in Chapter 10. He’s naked on an island, covered in blood, and he doesn’t know how he got there.

There will be a single decision for you to make: stay on the island gold swim to the shore. If you want to kill Max, choose the second one. After swimming for a bit, he will be attacked by another werewolf and die instantly.

How to Kill Kaitlyn – Chapter 10

If you have followed every step in this guide, killing every character, Kaitlyn will be the last protagonist alive. So when exploring the lodge in Chapter 10, you’ll encounter a werewolf for the last time.

If you survive with Kaitlyn being the only counselor alive, you’ll get The Final Girl.

There is more than one way Kaitlyn can die here, but the quickest one can happen right when the monster appears. Near the old portrait, you’ll hear some noises coming from the other side of the room. You can decide to wait there gold run. Choose the first one, and when the werewolf appears, choose shoot. Kaitlyn will enter combat mode, and you’ll miss the shot or avoid shooting. Doing that, the beast will grab Kaitlyn and start smashing her against the floor, provoking her death.

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