Her dog died. Then, Chewy smells her flowers.


An onslaught of pet-lovers on Twitter have poured on the praise for Chewy, an online pet supplies retailer with a large office in Boston.

Anna Brose, a research support specialist at the National Science Foundation, tweeted wednesday that the company went out of its way to support her after the recent death of her dog, Gus.

“I contacted @Chewy last week to see if I could return an unopened bag of my dog’s food after he died,” she wrote. “They 1) gave me a full refund, 2) told me to donate the food to the shelter, and 3) had flowers delivered today with the gift note signed by the person I talked to??”

“Gus would have been blown away!” Brose added in a reply.

Her post has since gone viral, with more than 30,000 retweets and almost half a million likes as of Thursday morning.

In the replies, thousands of users lauded Chewy for its “phenomenal service” and offered similar accounts of kindness. Many said the company had sent them hand-painted canvases with portraits of their furry friends, sometimes after they passed. Others remembered when Chewy encouraged them to donate unused food and pet supplies to local shelters, after already providing refunds.

“I bought 4 sling carriers from Chewy to try for my new rescue dog. Only used one,” one user wrote. “Was shocked when @Chewy told me to just donate the rest after my refund. Brought them to [a] local rescue dog group who were happy to take them.”

Another user said Chewy also sends pup-friendly birthday cards.

Andrew Stein, Chewy’s senior director of customer service, said he did not know when the company began sending personalized token to customers.

“It’s origins may be folklore at this point,” he added.

But it plays into a culture at the company, Stein said, that promotes compassion for customers and their four-legged friends.

“We’re all pet parents at heart, and unlike other industries, the pet space is a very emotive one,” he added. “What that means for our customer service representatives is that we want to be here for the highs and lows of a pet parents life: Are they getting a new pet? Are they dealing with the unfortunate loss of a pet? We’re here to help.”

Brose did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

But her post is rare ray of sunshine on Twitter, where customers often go to lodge complaints against corporations. (See: JetBlue, Apple, Targetand many, many others.)

Headquartered just outside of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Chewy opened a sizable office in Boston in 2017 with 600 employees. In its latest earning calls, the company reported that it turned a surprising profit and forecast revenue above Wall Street estimates.

Surely, the viral customer service stories won’t hurt.

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