Everything We Know About BTS Solo Projects During The Group’s Hiatus


BTS feels social media into a frenzy after airing their Real Bangtan Dinner 2022 on Tuesday, June 16. During the virtual event, the group announced they would take a temporary hiatus to focus on solo projects. While fans instantly thought the worst, a rep for the iconic K-pop idols shut down rumors of the group disbanding. According to a statement to PitchForkthe rep confirmed that BTS’s break is temporary and that the group will reunite once everyone completes their solo projects.

The group delivered some intimate conversations during the Real Bangtan Dinner. Some members shared updates about their upcoming projects, while others opened up about the personal things they’d be focusing on during their time off.

While the group announced their hiatus, another looming issue could affect BTS. Due to South Korean law, all the men in the country must enlist for mandatory military service. Jin, the eldest BTS member, is the first who is slated to enroll. According to Bloomberg, South Korean Culture Minister Hwang Hee called for exempting the group from mandatory military service while the nation reportedly “remains divided over preferential treatment for the megastars.” Jin’s possible enlistment could delay group projects with all seven members present.

The future of one of K-Pop’s most prominent groups may be up in the air, but all hope is not lost. Here is everything we know about how BTS plans to spend their time apart.

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J-Hope is leading the charge of BTS solo projects. The singer will appear at the Lollapalooza music festival on July 31, 2022, in the first BTS member solo appearance. He’ll be making history as the first South Korean artist to headline the main stage at a major US music festival. J-Hope is also preparing a solo album.

Suga will be super busy during BTS’s hiatus. The rapper revealed that he’ll be taking dance, vocal, English, Japanese, guitar, keyboard, harmonics, and pilates classes.

V is putting so much effort into his new solo album. The singer Revealed that he’s been having a tough time finalizing the project because he’s focused on finding the correct flow. According to V, he listens to the entire album “all the tracks one after the other” and removes the songs that don’t fit the overall vibe.

RM has proven to have a successful solo career with the release of his mixtape RM in 2015 and Mono in 2018. The singer did not confirm when he’ll release new music, but he did mention that he’ll begin on a personal development journey. “For BTS to last long, I think I have to retain who I am,” he said. “Because I’m not, BTS, I’m just a part of BTS.”

Jungkook is using the hiatus to collaborate with other artists while releasing solo music of his own. The singer is preparing to appear on Charlie Puth’s single, “Left, Right.” charlie accidentally confirmed their collab during an interview at the iHeart Radio Wango Tango concert.

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