Eddie Kingston shares his thoughts about the conversation concerning wrestlers’ body types, talks Adam Cole


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The online conversation about Adam Cole was brought to Kingston’s attention.

This Saturday, AEW and New Japan Pro-Wrestling are coming together to present the Forbidden Door pay-per-view from Chicago, Illinois. On that card, Eddie Kingston is teaming with Wheeler Yuta and Shota Umino to take on Chris Jericho, Minoru Suzuki and Sammy Guevara.

Ahead of that event and the 6/22 AEW Dynamite, Kingston joined The Ringer’s MackMania podcast. As the discussion rolled on, the online conversation about Adam Cole’s physique was brought up. Kingston dove into the topic and spoke about his own experiences with people commenting on his size.

He says you do have to work out and stay in shape to be a pro wrestler, but not everyone has to look the same. Speaking on Cole specifically, Kingston feels that people who make those comments about his colleague are jealous and not as athletic as Cole is.

‘Hit the gym, you fat –’ little do they know, hey, by the way guys… for all those that tell me hit the gym, I don’t need to go to the gym. My contract pays me enough where I got my own gym in my garage, you know what I’m saying?

My whole career I’ve been hearing it and look, you have to work out to be a pro wrestler. You have to have good cardio. Cardio’s the main thing and yeah, you hear it your whole life, you gotta look the part and all that. There was a shift where, you know, you had to be a muscle guy. There was a shift in the business and you know, when you have that so much, people get sick of it and then, you know, you have to do different things. I grew up on guys that looked tough. There was some muscle guys but there were also guys like Dick Murdoch and Dusty Rhodes and those guys, you know what I mean? That you — if you wanna body shame and knock anyone nowadays, would you knock them?… Guys like that who look like dudes that they would fight you and then came the bodybuilder era and a lot of those bodybuilders couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Let’s be honest about it, you know? But yeah, you do have to be an athlete to be in this and you do have to cardio and workout and body shaming stuff? My man, here’s my thing, if you don’t like it, don’t watch. If you wanna rip on someone or knock on somebody, okay man, I feel bad for you because that’s what gets your rocks off, you’re an evil, disgusting human being. That’s all it is and I hope you never have somebody rip on you like that, you know what I mean? Because you’re a weak person so you’ll probably break down. But anyway, that’s me taking shots. No, I get it, I get it but again, I grew up in an era, we had hillbillies and Texans and then body guys and everything like that. Look, no one looks the same. When you start looking the same, it gets real boring. Yeah, it gets real boring. Me? I got a little bit of a belly, yeah. I like to eat ice cream, I like Five Guys, I like pizza, you know what I mean? But I also like to lift weights and do cardio and I also like to fight and punch people in the face and chop people, you know what I mean? So I’m just me. My other thing with that is I know this is old, an old thing to say but a lot of you, a lot of the people who body shame, a lot of the people who say negative stuff, besides being disgusting human beings because that’s what gets their rocks off, none of them would ever step in the ring. Not to fight, I mean just even run the ropes, you know what I mean? Or even just step in there and they’re like, well that’s not my job. Well my man, you don’t see me bothering you at your job, you know what I mean? Telling you how to clean the floor… I was gonna say something else, so I had to switch it! You know where I was coming from. It was in my head. I was like, ahh! 2022 Eddie, 2022, I’m different… When it comes to Adam Cole, none of y’all are as athletic as him, for those people that are saying that. Also, y’all are jealous. My man’s living the good life. He gets to do what he wants to do, he gets paid to play video games, right? And he got DMD, which a lot of these dudes, all these dudes on the Twitter would kill — you know, give up anything for a minute with her. Big facts on that. He’s living his good life man so y’all can keep up and be hateful and spiteful and let it eat at you, because you do because you’re a disgusting person. He’s living his good life.

When asked if he’s satisfied with his position in AEW, Kingston said he’ll never be happy until he’s on top and that is what drives him. He said he gets more satisfaction from seeing his friends in AEW reach their goals and individual accolades.

No, I’m never happy [with my position], but that’s what drives me. I’m not mad [Kingston laughed]. I have had my situation, I can tell you that much, you know what I mean? I’m not mad at that situation. I’m not happy because I’m not satisfied, because I’m still working. I’m not the top guy in my mind and I’m old school in this sense, the top guy’s the world champ, doesn’t matter who it is. That’s my opinion. It doesn’t matter who has the highest rating or the highest demo or whatever. If the company trusts you to make you their worlds champion or the worlds champion in our case, in AEW’s case, then, you know, you’re the top guy, you’re the one, you’re carrying the company and I’ m not there, yet. You see, so I’m not satisfied, I’m not happy, you know? And it’s funny how I get more joy out of seeing my friends succeed there than myself because I wanna keep going. I don’t wanna be happy. That’s my biggest fear is getting content because then, there’s no point. There’s no point in doing it no more.

Scheduled for tomorrow’s Dynamite is an appearance from Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage is going to explain why he ambushed Jungle Boy along with Jon Moxley teaming with Hiroshi Tanahashi to face Chris Jericho and Lance Archer.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit the MackMania podcast with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.


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