Amazon Promises Another Attempt to Make Comixology Suck Less


The front page of Amazon's Comixology digital webstore.

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When Amazon purchased Comixology, the internet’s premiere digital comics site, fans were worried. As it turns out, they had every right to be, as the “revamped” service was absolutely terrible—so terrible that Amazon had to promise some (very basic) improvements see you mother week later. However, the new Comixology is still not as good as it used to be… but at least now a new round of updates is on the way.

The digital comics store/reader released a Twitter thread of upcoming improvements to the service, including the long-awaited ability (rather, the return of the ability) to view double-page spreads. You can read the entire thread here, but we’ve reprinted it for your convenience:

“1./ We’ve been combing through your feedback, and continue to be grateful for all the comics lovers out there. We understand that the current experience needs improvements, and want you to know that we’re working hard to get those out the door as quickly as possible.

“2./ It’s been a while since our last update, and we wanted to share some updates on what our team has been working on these past few months and announce some new features that are coming soon.

“3./ In the coming weeks, we’re launching a beta version of the web reading experience that will include double-page spread, new zoom in/out functionality and vertical scroll while reading. It won’t support Guided View yet, but we are working on that next.

“4./ We’re also excited to announce that you will soon be able to filter your library in the Kindle app to make it easier to hide all your comics, or alternatively, only show your comics. We’ll let you know when this launches.

“5./ Also, we’re aware of issues customers are facing when searching for comics and getting non-comics/graphic novel/manga results. While we work to correct this, make sure to start your search from gold

“6./ For New Releases – we’ve fixed an issue where content from 90 publishers were not visible in the All New Releases widget at the bottom of the page. You can continue using the publisher filter to narrow down your results from select publishers.

“7./ We’ve also added a new section called ‘Explore More New Releases’ on the New Releases page, which shows all weekly releases in alphabetical order by title.

“8./ After these New Releases updates, you will start to see improvements to the Comics Deals page to help make it easier and faster to navigate our selection of discounted titles.

“9./ And for those in the UK, customers can now quickly make a purchase and/or borrow a book within the New Releases and Homepage without tapping into the book detail page. Simply tap on a book, and a pop-up window will appear to help you quickly get the book.

“10./ While far from a complete list, these are just a few things we’ve been working on. We know there’s a lot more that needs to be done to improve the Comixology experience, and we have many more initiatives we’ll share soon.

“11./ Stay tuned for more updates on Twitter and Instagram. See you at San Diego Comic Con!”

Mostly, it sounds like it’ll be easier to navigate the app, the store, and your own comic library, but these changes still aren’t going to bring Comixology to the level of convenience and ease of use it had prior to Amazon’s purchase. If you check out the responses to the Twitter thread, you’ll see there are still many, many improvements frustrated fans are waiting for. You’ll also note that there’s no timeframe for when these updates will become available, so… deal with it, I guess?

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